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Swood Media Studios

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Swood Media provides the latest in video and photography solutions for your client including interactive animation and media for your website or broadcast outlet.

We will help you secure your place in the market by providing only the highest quality production solutions. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Video Production


Swood Media provides the finest in video production solutions. We are based in Richmond, Virginia and working with advertising agencies and production companies all over the country. Call today for a FREE video consultation.


Our Clients

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High Quality Images that fit your brand

Swood Media also provides the best solutions for companies with a need for the highest quality photography.

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Matching your brand and image to the style of photography can be tricky and we help ease this process by understanding first, what you need.

High Resolution files are delivered with a minimal need for touchups. Using Canon and Nikon cameras with professional prime lenses and proper lighting assures a quality image every time.

Call or email today to book a photographer.

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Swood Media brings fresh, innovative, creative solutions and content for your next media project.

Give us a call today to learn more about how Swood Media can make your life easier.

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Delivery on Deadline

Your deadline is our priority!! With many agency references and lots of quality credits, why would you use any other marketing resource?

Swood Media is providing video production and web solutions to a select group of advertising agencies and prodcuction companies. We are committed to doing the project right the first time and paying close attention to all the details in order to preserve the original advertising concept.

Committed to affordability and deadline awareness, Swood Media guarantees that the client is informed and can enjoy the production or web marketing process. By providing more than 10 years of video production and web marketing knowledge, documents, and creativity, your advertising efforts can be easy and affordable.
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Service with a smile

About Swood Media

Swood Media provides quality, affordable video production, web and marketing solutions to advertising agencies and production companies.

Founded by Seth Wood in 1998, we have produced and delivered a pronounced expertise in the areas of traditional and alternative marketing solutions such as organic search engine optimization and viral video production efforts. We offer original and promotional programming content for theater, broadcast, the internet, and DVD projects.

By utilizing strategic alliances with only the best advertising agencies and production companies in Richmond and the US, we are able to provide comprehensive Video and Web Development solutions, video services, and advertising campaigns.